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[1] TUTORIAL on Effects of Early EPA Enforcement of an Air Quality Standard

INITIAL REFERENCE -- Chay K, Dobkin C and Greenstone M.  The Clean Air Act of 1970 and adult mortality. J Risk Uncertainty 2003; 27:279-300.  Download CSV dataset (both adult and elderly mortality) and text documentation ZIP archive.

Obenchain RL and Young SS.  Local Control Strategy: Simple Analyses of Air Pollution Data can reveal Heterogeneity in Longevity Outcomes. Risk Analysis 2017; 37(9): 1742-1753.  View/Download Supplemental Materials;   Download JMP datatables and doc ZIP archive;   Download CSV datasets and TXT doc ZIP archive.

[2] Does Level of Radon Exposure Affect Lung Cancer Mortality?

Obenchain RL, Young SS and Krstic G. Radon and Lung Cancer Mortality (White Paper, Under Review).  View/Download 17-page Supplement on LTD distributions when Treatment is Binary (High vs Low Radon);   View/Download 5-page Supplement on Local Rank Correlation distributions when Treatment is a Continuous Measure of Radon Exposure;   Download REVISED  JMP data tables and Word docx ZIP archive;   Download REVISED  CSV datasets and TXT doc ZIP archive.

Obenchain Radon Talk HANDOUT: 2017 Sen-Quade Nonparametrics Conference, Chapel Hill, NC;   Download PDF Note Pages.